Club News !!

Dear Member or Affiliate

Welcome to another Newsletter from The Epsom Club.

It’s good to be back and for the Club to be open.  Of course, like so many other venues, we’ve had to change some things to comply with the Covid-19 Guidelines and you’ll know what they are from previous e-mails sent out earlier this month.  So, a few things have changed, BUT what’s not changed is the warm welcome you’ll get from the Bar Staff and the friendliness of other Members.  We’d love to see you so why not catch up with another Member by inviting them to come in with you for a chat and a drink together. 

It’s lovely in the garden at this time of year, it’s relaxing, birds are singing, butterflies are flitting, bees are buzzing and it would be a shame to miss out on our unique asset – a garden of our very own.  Ken, Steve and Christina are mowing, trimming, cultivating and watering, flowers are blooming – even the rhubarb is sprouting!  Come and see for yourself why don’t you!

We’d be delighted if you called into the Club as part of your Epsom visit.  We’re looking forward to seeing you and/or your household partner or with another Member.  Daytimes, perhaps for coffee or possibly a spritzer, a G&T or a cold beer.  Evenings are always a good time for socialising too.  We’re providing table service to everyone, so we hope you’ll come in soon and look forward to welcoming you back. 

Here’s a reminder of our new opening hours and we are Covid-19 safe with all Government Guidelines being adhered to. 

MONDAY               Closed all day

TUESDAY               5.30pm – 10pm

WEDNESDAY         11.30am – 4pm then 7.30pm – 11 – The evening session will be discussed at our forthcoming Committee meeting with a view to closing on Wednesday nights but re-opening on Thursday nights instead.

THURSDAY             11.30 – 3.30 then either closed or see note in italics above.

FRIDAY                 11.30 – 4pm then 8 pm – 11pm

SATURDAY            11.30 – 3.30pm then Closed for rest of day

SUNDAY                12noon – 4pm then Closed for rest of day

You’ll find us spick-and-span and we’re doing our best to keep you safe and sound so do come along and visit us soon.  It’ll be great to see you!

Best wishes