Covid-19 Pandemic Up-Date From The Secretary

At last night’s Committee Meeting a series of decisions were made which have mandatory repercussions and actions for us all. 

I hope you are all keeping safe and well.   You are welcome to keep me posted with how things are with you/your family.

Although the AGM had to be postponed to a date unknown as yet; the Count for the election of new Committee Members was planned to go ahead as every full Member had a ballot paper and return envelope in their pack so that a postal vote could be used.   The Count was planned for Thursday 26 March at 8pm, in line with the anticipated AGM.

This note is to let you know that because of the regulations now in force around Covid-19 and the Coronavirus Pandemic, it was not possible to hold the count of the ballot papers for electing a new Committee. 

I can assure everyone that the ballot box was sealed and was securely locked away.  Once it is possible for two of the Trustees and the Independent person to meet together, safely and without fear of infection, the count will take place.  This may not be for several months – we will act according to Government advice of course.

In the meantime, the existing Committee and Officers will continue to work on your behalf. 

Thank you for your patience in this time of unprecedented attack on our nation.  We hope that “normal service” can be resumed soon.

With regards and best wishes for you to keep well,


Regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, we are first and foremost making the safety of everyone connected with the Epsom Club our number one priority.  We are closely following the advice from the government, NHS and Public Health England to ensure we are putting the correct measures in place.  The current government advice is for everyone to try and stop unnecessary contact with other people – “social distancing”.  Everyone should be avoiding gatherings of people, whether in public, at work, or at home, with clubs, pubs, restaurants being named as possible contagious sites.  The Committee feel they must take responsibility for their Members, Affiliates and Groups that use the Club and, indeed, that it will be only a matter of time before compulsory actions will be announced by the Government.

  1. The Club will close to all Members, Affiliates, Groups and Organisations from this Friday 20 March 6pm
  • No Member, Affiliate, Group, Visitor etc will have access to any part of the Club after that.  Staff will go home and stay there until we re-open
  • If you have not yet completed and delivered your Ballot Paper please do it urgently and return to the Club either by completing your ballot paper, inserting it into the “ballot paper envelope” (putting a stamp on the outside if using Royal Mail) and posting or returning by hand posting through the letter box on the front door of the Club
  • The AGM is POSTPONED until further notice.  HOWEVER, THE VOTES WILL BE COUNTED by two Trustees and an independent person at 8pm on the 26 March as originally planned.  The Committee wish to get the new Committee in place asap
  • The initial period of closure is for 4 months, ie until Tuesday 21 July.  This period is subject to any updates or edicts issued by HM Government and will be reviewed by the Committee from time to time
  • The Secretary will be working from home and any correspondence sent via e-mail to will be seen and actioned as far as possible by her during the closure period
  • We will continue to monitor what is an ever-changing situation and want to assure you we will take the necessary actions to continue to serve you and protect the health and wellbeing of staff, members and users of the Club alike

We look forward to resuming our “business as usual” relationship, as soon as possible.  Please know the thoughts and best wishes of everyone at The Epsom Club are with you, your friends and family during this difficult time. 

Best regards

Mary (Dixson)