Mary Update 14/04/2020

To all Members and Affiliates

Just a quick note to hope that you are keeping safe and well.  Do let me know how you’re doing.  I am working from home and am keeping busy with e-mails, invoices, letters, applying for Government grants etc.  The Club is still here although closed of course until such time as HM Gov. tell us we can re-open.  No doubt, like me you are missing the socialising and chatting to friends here.  These are unprecedented times but we must all comply with the “Rules” –  stay at home and stay safe.

Our gardeners, however, have been using their exercise allowance and popping in keeping the garden looking good and I attach some photos taken recently by Ken so although you can’t be here in person to appreciate the beautiful spring display this is the next best thing.  It looks lovely doesn’t it?  The garden will be getting ready for the next season soon and once we’re back we’ll all be able to take advantage of its lovely location and peacefulness.

If you or someone you know would like to get involved with making “scrubs” or laundry bags for same to help the local NHS please let me know and I will pass on to a contact I have.

I’m going to end  – with thanks to Julie Stone and an acknowledgment to Pam Ayres.  Julie sent me the poem below which I hope makes you smile…… it did me!  It’s called Time for us girls (but gentlemen I hope it makes you grin anyway!)

I’m normally a social girl, I love to meet my mates But lately with the virus here, We can’t go out the gates.

You see, we are the “oldies” now, We need to stay inside.  If they haven’t seen us for a while, They’ll think we’ve upped and died.

They’ll never know the things we did, Before we got this old.  There wasn’t any Facebook, so not everything was told.

We may seem sweet old ladies Who would never be uncouth; But we grew up in the 60s- if you only knew the truth!

There was sex and drugs and rock’n roll, The pill and miniskirts.  We smoked, we drank, we parted And were quite outrageous flirts.

Then we settled down, got married and turned into someone’s mum, somebody’s wife then nana, Who on earth did we come?

We didn’t mind the change of pace, because our lives were full, But to bury us before we’re dead is like a red rag to a bull!

So here you find me stuck inside for 4 weeks, maybe more.  I finally found myself again, then I had to close the door!

It didn’t really bother me, I’d while away the hour, I’d bake for all the family but I’ve got no flaming flour!

Now Netflix is just wonderful, I like a gutsy thriller, I’m swooning over Idris or some random sexy killer.

At least I’ve got a stash of booze for when I’m being idle, There’s wine and whisky, even gin if I’m feeling suicidal!

So let’s all drink to lockdown, to recovery and health, And hope this awful virus doesn’t decimate our wealth.

We’ll all get through the crisis and be back to join our mates, Just hoping I’m not far too wide to fit through the flaming gates!”

“Pam Ayres”

Keep well and best regards