New Covid 19 Club Rules

Dear Fellow Members,

I am delighted to inform you that the Epsom Club is reopening from this Friday, 10 July.

That’s the good news! However, to comply with the COVID -19 Secure Guidance, the organisation of the Club will be very different from how it was before the pandemic. Much work has been done including carrying out a lengthy risk assessment, changing the layout of the furniture, installing bar screens and signs and arranging new working practices for Tony, the Club Steward and his staff.

The wellbeing of the staff and members is the main priority of the Club committee.


The Club opening hours have been slightly reduced to allow for extra cleaning to be carried out more often. The new opening hours are as follows:


Tuesday                    5.30pm – 10.00pm

Wednesday              11.30am – 4.00pm then 7.30pm – 11pm

Thursday                  11.30am – 3.30pm then closed for the rest of the day

Friday                        11.30am – 4.00pm

Friday                       8.00pm –  11.00pm

Saturday                   11.30am – 3.30pm then closed for the rest of the day

Sunday                     12 noon – 4.00pm then closed for the rest of the day

For the time being, only Full Members, Honorary Members, Spouses/Partners of a Member and Affiliates can use the Club.  No guests can be brought in at present.

PLEASE NOTE. There is a maximum number of people allowed in the Club at any one time and entry will be on a first come first served basis.  

Entry to the Club will only be by the front door. Do not use the key pad to enter, but ring the bell. Someone will be on duty in the lobby and will let you in and take your temperature with a non-contact thermometer gun. Temperatures registering over 37.5 will need to leave and go home.  Under 37.5 you will be admitted.  You must then complete your name, bar account number and time of entry in the logbook provided, sited on the desk in the hallway.  For health reasons, please bring your own pen to make the entry in the logbook.  Please use the hand gel provided when entering the premises. You will then be allocated a table.

The furniture has been placed to comply with social distancing rules and must not be moved around the premises in any way.  On each table there will be a supply of card to write your name, bar account number and your drinks order using the pen you have brought with you and hand the completed card to a waiter. Your drinks and receipt will then be brought back to your table. If you wish to top up your bar card, the card reader machine will be brought to you for contactless use only (maximum £45). No-one is to take orders to the bar, stand at the bar or around the television.  There will be hand gel on every table and you are encouraged to use it frequently.  Always remember to maintain the one metre+ social distancing regulations.  If you wish to bring your own mask, disposable gloves and/or hand sanitiser, please feel free to do so.

Please do not enter the Club if you have any of the COVID-19 symptoms, (new persistent cough, temperature, loss of taste or smell) or have been in close contact with somebody who has symptoms.  If whilst you are at the Club you begin to feel unwell you should leave the Club immediately (recording your time of exit) and report back to the Club with your progress. This is for ‘tracking and tracing’ purposes. Likewise, if you become unwell after visiting the Club you must report it to the Club.

Only one person is allowed to use the toilet at a time with one other queuing outside. There will be a means of indicating in the bars when the toilets are engaged which you are asked to use.

No food will be available until further notice and the snooker rooms are out of use for the time being. It is hoped that these restrictions will be relaxed in the near future.

When you wish to leave the club please log the time in the logbook exiting only by the back bar door.

We have no idea how long these regulations will be in force, but the Club will notify you as and when any changes occur.

The lockdown has meant a loss of income to the Club. Although the furlough scheme has enabled the Club to keep all staff employed, this is coming to an end and the support of all members at this time is vitally important. The brewery has increased prices and the Club cannot afford to absorb the rise so it has been necessary to increase bar prices.

The above requirements are necessary to enable the Club to reopen. There will be notices displayed in the Club and Members have a duty of care to staff and other Members to comply with them. 

We hope you will stay safe and look forward to welcoming many of you back now it is possible, even if only from a safe distance!

Best wishes to you all,

Martin Mitchell – Club President.

Dear Members

As you will have seen from Martin’s letter yesterday, there are many rules which the Club must comply with in order to stay open.  These have been put in place to ensure we all stay safe and healthy.

Please ensure you comply with them otherwise, sadly, visiting the Club and/or keeping it open may not be an option.

Here are some additional guidelines which we have had to put in place.

  1. No Food may be brought into the premises which also includes eating in the garden and the BBQ is not to be used.
  2. Please follow the entry and exit points.  Enter by the front door and Exit by the back door.  Entry and exit from the garden is not permitted.
  3. No smoking is allowed on the Terrace.  However, smokers and vapers may use any unoccupied chair or wooden table on the lawned area.  Standing areas for smoking are allowed provided the 2m (which we suggest for your and other people’s safety) rule is adhered to.
  4. Should you be in the Club and the weather changes for the worse, there may not be room for you in the Club.  There is a max number of 14 people for the main lounge and 10 for the back room.  The Steward/Staff will control this and if necessary will need to ask you to go home.
  5. There is to be no standing/drinking at the bar.  Everyone is to observe the waiter/waitress requirements.
  6. Drinking up time of 20 MINS ONLY will be permitted after closing time (see Martin’s letter for details).  After that you MUST leave the Club. 

As mentioned above, the Committee’s aim is to ensure everyone who visits is safe and secure.  We recognise this may perhaps cause concern but we are determined to be safe rather than sorry.  We will be keeping a log for entering/leaving and concerns you or staff may have which is mainly for tracking and tracing purposes.  This will be a time of testing and trial for all and we expect to quickly respond to any changes that may need to be undertaken.  Hopefully life will, even if slowly, return to normal soon.

Best regards